Our Teachers

As you can see from our tutors profiles, we have a diverse array of fully qualified teachers who are highly specialised in their subjects and levels. They have been trained under OfSTED and the Department for Education which involves rigorous inspection of their work. This means that they will use the most sophisticated and cutting-edge pedagogy to engage their learners which means that you can relax knowing that your child will be educated by the very best.

We take the wellbeing and safety of our students very seriously and so all of our teachers comply with UK safeguarding law and have DBS checks to certify this.
Ultimately, we are:

  • Education experts and not just professionals
  • Keep up to date with the latest methods of teaching, setting us aside from competitors
  • Use fully collaborative technology to make lessons fun, as well as informative 
  • We regularly update our resources in line with global issues 
  • Possess experience from primary school children, making learning topical around their interests up to teenagers who have specific exam board requirements
  • Understanding of cultural differences and can easily put students at ease so they can enjoy their learning.

Teaching online means I can individualise my lessons to suit the student well and motivate them in achieving their goals ”.  
                                                                                                    -by our tutor.

Customer Services and Advisory Team

Digital composite of Customer service woman with bright background in call center
Customer Services and Advisory Team:

We have a dedicated and highly specialised team who will liaise with you from the point of interest and throughout your child’s educational journey with ourselves.

Our team work between 9am and 9pm GMT, 7 days a week and will reply to your queries within 5 minutes of receiving your message during these hours. Outside of these hours, we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can. 

We are bilingual in Chinese and English, making for smooth and effective conversations, making it easy for us to pass essential information between yourself and the tutor.

We will always act with discretion as highly experienced professionals in a confidential manner so that all of you have to do is sit back and enjoy the progress your child makes.

Working at Super Tutors International gives me so much satisfaction to work with parents like myself who want the best for their children”.


                                                                    - by our dedicated customer advisor.