How we help children make progresses


1. Assessment: 

Pre-lesson assessment + tutor assessment during the first lesson, detailed feedback.

To ensure that we are individualising lessons specifically with your child’s needs in mind, we will assess your child in their first lesson with using standardised procedures which are appropriate to their level. For example, 11+, year 9 entrance exam, GCSE, A-Level papers etc. This is so that we can calculate a baseline grade for your child. 


2. Consultation:

Explain the feedback.

We will grade the paper and provide you with in-depth feedback, written by our subject experts and moderated by the subject lead shortly after the lesson is complete. You will then be able to liaise with our customer services team about any questions you may about the feedback form which will be forwarded to the best-suited member of the team to address your query.
You can expect detailed feedback which will inform you of the strengths and areas for improvement that will need to be considered, as well as a mark/grade in line with the national curriculum standards for the level. 


3. Personalised study plan:

Tailor to students' needs.

Having reflected on the outcomes from the assessment, we will then work with you to design a study programme to match your child’s individual needs and will take into account their learning style. This will include their school context, future goals and any additional for example English as an Additional Language.


4. Online interactive tuition: 

The lessons will take place on our innovative, cutting edge software where the tutor will deliver and plan an interactive lesson which would comply with what is deemed an Outstanding lesson by OfSTED standard. We specialise in student-centred approaches, learning games and activities to reinforce learning. 


5. Progress tracking:

At the end of each lesson, the tutors will complete a feedback from which will be sent to you via our customer services team. The form will contain the lesson topics, the outcomes of the lesson, extensive feedback on behaviour, attitude to learning, strengths and areas for future development. Additionally, we will also be marking and grading homework (if you would like homework to be set) which will also inform us further about the level of progress being made. Homework comments will also be added to the feedback from in relation to effort and attainment. Our promise is for you to be fully informed of progress at all times as we believe this is a key component of student success. 

At your request, we will also happily formally assess your child using approved test papers so you can rest assured that the grades will be accurate portrayal of your child and can inform the future direction of lessons.